“We are all so lucky to live in our lovely village of Kingsdon, set in the heart of the countryside.   BUT   Do you know just how much wonderful wildlife is literally on your doorstep?   .

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Bumblebee Conservation in Kingsdon

Kingsdon Wildlife Awareness Group

Last year, a group of Kingsdon residents started Bumblebee Counting once a month for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s survey and found rare Shrill Carder bumblebees in our village.

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We invited SOS Save Our Shrills Somerset’s Senior Project Officer and Trainee to come to the village and give us advice on how best to support the small population of Shrill Carder Bumblebees that we have and look at improving the environment for all pollinators.

Kingsdon Wildlife Awareness Group has a link on the Kingsdon.org website. Go to Kingsdon.org to see the report ….

 Save Our Shrills: Somerset Habitat Management Advice

Kingsdon Village – Church and Playing Fields

As the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website says, “No matter what size garden you have, you can do your bit for bumblebees by planting at least two kinds of bee-friendly flower for every flowering period (spring, summer, autumn and winter)”.

They gave lots of information and advice on garden plants which are great food for pollinators. Some of many plants include crocus, bluebell, lavender, cat mint, rosemary, everlasting sweetpea. Have a look around Kingsdon. Are there any areas that would be suitable to have more wildflowers and grasses? Our Parish Councillors for Environment are Julia Morris and for trees and drains,Phil Waters.

Lucy Dibben April2024