Meetings May 2021 to April 2022

Meetings May 2021 to April 2022

Meetings May 2019 to April 2020

MEETINGS 1 MAY 2018 TO 30 APRIL 2019

MEETINGS 1 MAY 2017 TO 30 APRIL 2018

Meetings 1 May 2016 to 30 April 2017

  Monthly Meetings Planning Meetings
April 2017 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes 
March 2017 Agenda Minutes Agenda  Minutes
February 2017 Agenda Minutes  Agenda Minutes
January 2017 Agenda  Minutes Agenda Minutes
December 2016 Agenda  Minutes Agenda Minutes
November 2016 Agenda  Minutes    
October 2016 Agenda  Minutes  Agenda 13/10/16  Minutes
September 2016 Agenda  Minutes    
August 2016 N/A N/A Agenda 18/8/16 Minutes
July 2016 Agenda Minutes Agenda 14/7/16 Minutes
July 2016  N/A  N/A Agenda 28/7/16 Minutes
June 2016 Agenda Minutes Agenda 9/6/16 Minutes
May 2016 Agenda Minutes Agenda 12/5/16 Minutes
    Annual Parish Council Minutes    
    Annual Parish Meeting Minutes    

Meetings May 2015 to April 2016

 Monthly MeetingsPlanning Meetings
 April 2016AgendaMinutes  
 March 2016AgendaMinutesAgenda 10/3/16Minutes
 February 2016AgendaMinutesAgenda 25/2/16Minutes
 January 2016AgendaMinutes  
 December 2015AgendaMinutesAgenda 30/12/2015Minutes
 November 2015AgendaMinutes  
 October 2015AgendaMinutesAgenda 01/10/2015 Minutes
 September 2015AgendaMinutesAgenda 10/09/2015 Minutes
 July 2015AgendaMinutes  
 June 2015AgendaMinutes  
 May 2015AgendaMinutes  
  Annual Parish Council Minutes  
  Annual Parish Meeting Minutes  

Meetings April 2014 to March 2015

 Bi-Monthly MeetingsPlanning Meetings
March 2015AgendaMinutes  
January 2015AgendaMinutes  
December 2014 n/a n/a Agenda 05/12/14 Minutes
November 2014AgendaMinutes  
September 2014AgendaMinutes Agenda 12/09/14 Minutes
July 2014AgendaMinutes Agenda 11/07/14 Minutes
June 2014 n/a n/a Agenda 06/06/14 Minutes
May 2014AgendaMinutes  
  Annual Parish Council Meeting  
  Annual Parish Meeting  

Meetings July 2013 to March 2014

   Bi-Monthly meetingsPlanning Meetings  
March 2014 Agenda MinutesAgenda 06/03/2014Minutes
January 2014 Agenda MinutesAgenda 09/01/2014Minutes
December 2013 n/a n/aAgenda 12/12/2013Minutes
November 2013 Agenda Minutes  
September 2013 Agenda Minutes  
July 2013 Agenda MinutesAgenda 11/7/2013Minutes

Transparency Code compliance

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End of year accounts  View
Annual Governance Statement  
Annual Internal Audit Report  
Details of Public Land and Building Assets None None
Quarterly ReportQ1 2017/18

Other Parish Documents

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download_buttonVillage Design Statement 2007download_buttonFreedom of Information
download_buttonCode of Conductdownload_buttonPrecept Budget 2015 to 2016
download_buttonStanding Ordersdownload_buttonPublic and Press Recording Policy