Remember the outstanding evening many of us enjoyed at the church back in March 2016. The reason the warriors were here was to raise money for their school and community.


















We would like to do that bit more to repay them for that evening by sponsoring one or more of their children.  £20 per year

Rebecca Silau Ole Taota.

 We hoping to report on the progress of the Kingsdon community to raise £240 to send Rebecca Silau Ole Taota to school this year then continue doing so for the rest of her school life.

We are asking for people to donate £20 per year so that for every 12 donations we can sponsor a child and provide a little extra help for the school.


If you feel able to commit to this proposal please email   Richard South                                or call on  01935 840912

For more information keep an eye open on this page of our web site.

And why not take a look at their web site by  clicking here


Letter to Richard with some more details of Rebecca      clicking here


And the school we hope Rebecca will be attending