page 1 100th issueThe Kingsdon Chronicle was started in 2007 simply because the parish council wanted a way of getting information to residents. But it quickly grew from 4 to 20 pages per month, with the parish council being just one of many contributors. Anyone in the village can send in contributions.

The Chronicle still edited by founder Wally Elliott, with four important principles still in place.
1. The Chronicle is published monthly (without fail).
2. It is delivered to every house,
3. It is FREE of charge. (Production costs are mainly covered by a 100+ Club.)
4. It is an independent journal.

All village life is reflected in the Kingsdon Chronicle making it a must read all residents. A growing number of copies are sent by email, because people who leave Kingsdon often still want the Chronicle! Now you can read it here on the website in full colour, and handily refer back to past issues from February 2013 onwards.